Friday, April 30, 2010

My story...

My story begins my junior year in high school. I was a fairly active teen. I participated in track and volleyball. I slowly started losing energy and stamina. I put it off as a side effect of a busy teenagers life. Soon it got worse...I started falling asleep at work. My mom took me to the doctor and he said that in I was, basically, a lazy teen who didn't want to work or go to school. I started working harder and exercising. Middle of my senior year I finally convinced my doctor to give me a blood test (which he should have done to start with) because I was having a hard time walking. Turns out I received a diagnosis of mono and instructions to stay in bed for the next 6 weeks because it was now effecting my kidneys. I finally allowed myself to sleep and that first night I slept 18 hours...My mom woke me up to feed me and make sure I was okay!! It took me years to fully heal from that experience. This was the first real experience in health (or lack of it) that I had, doctors not listening or discounting me, and feeling helpless . Unfortunatly, it wouldn't be the last!

So with that you can understand why I am big on listening to our bodies and being our own advocate. It took gaining lots of weight and feeling slow to get me to really start my journey, happiness, passion, energy, etc. When I first began I was just like everyone else in that I wanted to be thin. It was such a singular process that seems so empty now. I had minor health concerns (you know the "this doesn't feel right" or "is this normal?") Some of the things I "suffered" from included difficulty sleeping, constipation, painful menstration, cravings, stomach aches, energy slumps, headaches and irritability. This happend until I decided to take my health into my own hands, listen to my body and learn how to feel great! With my BS in Holistic Nutrition Consulting I am learning the tools. Now I want to share those tools.

Happiness and, for the most part, health is a choice. I thought I would be happy once I lost the weight, or could run a 10k no problem, or be naked in front of the mirror...or, or, or. Didn't happen! It wasn't until I started living my life that I started to see true change in my body, attitude, and life. I began living some passions that I never knew I had. I love being with people. I love teaching. I love moving. I love cooking. I love reading. I love gardening. I love sewing. I love travelling. I love being a mother and wife. I love, I love, I love!!!

This blog is going to be about optimism, learning, events, books and anything I can think of to inspire and motivate a change for the better. Food shouldn't make us feel guilty and exercise shouldn't make us feel tired. The idea isn't to lose weight, it's to live a life in which weight and health are not an issue. By taking care of our body, it will take care of us. Imagine no " I can'ts" or "I shouldn'ts", enjoying passions, tastes, healing, joy and asking yourself "why not?!?!?". Those are just some of the things we can enjoy when we live life to its fullest and nurture our mind body AND spirit. Begin with honoring ourselves for where we are and where we're going. After all our body is one of the only things we can't live without!

Usually, I'm not this wordy but we're starting off. This is the place for anecdotes, quotes for the day, health tips, cupboard cures, food and many other tidbits. Sign up to receive 'em and feel free to pass the word along...Thanks

Quote: Don't spoil what you have by desiring what you have not, but remember that what you have now was once among the things you hoped for.