Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fermented Cod Liver oil

Cod liver oil. It’s possibly one of the most disgusting substances on the planet (slight exaggeration) with the longest continual use for the hard to find vitamins A and D. I have my degree in Holistic Nutrition and several certificates in the field of health and wellness. After studying and experimenting with many of the trendy diets and suffering from different maladies I stumbled into what is, quite possibly, the best nutritional books I have ever found (trust me I have and have read too many to count? ) My questions were the same as yours…1)Which diet is the healthiest…Atkins, South Beach, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc? 2)Why is there a huge list of foods I cannot eat? One day something is good for me and then WHAM it’s on the “no-no” list. 3) When I look at the research it seems like I have to choose a diet based on the diseases I can live with…If I can live with heart trouble go for Atkins…If I can live with crazy diseases stemming from artificial sweeteners and processed meats go with South Beach…and it goes on. How do I choose a diet that I can feel satisfied with and feel great? 4)Why all the supplementation (pills, powders, etc)? Shouldn’t I be able to get the nutrients I need from FOOD?

Then I came across The Weston A. Price Foundation (and his book) and Nourishing Traditions cookbook. It not only challenged a lot of what I had researched but it answered my questions. Anyways, that is a whole different subject. I am here to tell you about Fermented Cod Liver oil. My family enjoys good food (traditionally prepared, local, seasonal, and organic if possible), Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO), exercise and a few tonic teas to give us optimum nutrition. The information I will be giving is from Nourishing Traditions by Sally fallon and a few quotes from Staying healthy with Nutrition by Elson Haas, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price and The New Optimum nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford. All of these are amazing books, huge, but full of information.

1)CLO is an excellent source of vitamins A and D. CLO also contains DHA, a fatty acid essential to the development of the brain and Nervous System“. ---NT p 237

2)“Vit A must be supplied in liberal portions not only during the growth period but during the adult period as well if a good condition of nutrition and a high degree of health and vigor are to be maintained" --NT p 302

3)FCLO is one of the most concentrated food sources available for omega-3 fatty acids, including both EPA and DHA.

Where can I get FCLO?
I have found that I like . You can try to get one of the flavored ones but in my opinion “oil” from a “COD fish LIVER” that’s been “fermented” doesn’t taste any better if it’s orange or cinnamon flavored or drizzled on ice cream.

Can I overdose?
No (not the fermented kind). First off, you’ll probably NEVER get a hankering big enough and it’s a FOOD!

CLO can be given in moderate doses without injury and to great advantage. …it is better to take clo with the meal rather than before or after, as it aids in the utilization of the minerals in the food-NT p. 391

Why “Fermented” Cod Liver Oil?

It is important to choose a high quality, toxin free oil. Walmart won’t do. Radiant living ( ) sells a wonderful oil and HIGH vitamin oil. You can research the benefits of combining the two though
FCLO has not been damaged by heat and, therefore, contains a balance of A and D.

How can I take it?
After much trial and error we (my family and I) found that the best way we can take it is with a chaser of prune juice. In the beginning when they complained I told them I’d double the dose!! I’m a mean mom ;O) There are also capsules you can take…but…it’s more cost effective for my family of 5 this way.

Read these books and visit the websites below for more information. There is sooooo much about this subject that it requires more than a blog post but I hope the above information will get you started.