Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vinegar for health

There have been several e-mails and conversations about the new (or old-time) remedies that use apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has been used for many ailments. Here are just a few...

sore throat
weight loss
and much more...

I know some people that swear by it as a treatment for the list of ailments above. I have used it myself. My only intention here is to introduce (and guide) readers to alternative forms of treating oneself. When I first heard about this I said to myself, "That is pure poppycock" and I meant it. Then I stumbled upon a used book touting all the amazing benefits of vinegar (RAW, organic, unfiltered with the "mother") and honey. Wow. The list was long and the case studies compelling.

Now you can find Raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar (I tried the regular stuff and it just gives tummy aches. Bragg's is the brand I use) in condiments and on health food store shelves.

This is considered a folk remedy. Some people swear by it and others are firmly against it. If you are interested about learning more there are several books available. Here are a couple

Cider Vinegar by Cyril Scott
Apple cider Vinegar by P. Bragg and P. Bragg

Do I think these remedies may have potential? I am a huge fan of fermentation and it's effect on one's health. Raw ACV is fermented apples. When we have an abundance of good bacteria in the gut it shows in our health. Some things I like to ferment regularly are :

Sourdoughs (Bread, pancakes, cookies, and more)
Milk (yogurt, cheese and sour cream)
Fire Cider
sauerkraut (WAY better than the nasty store bought tastes like pickles!!!)

These, when eaten, are pre and pro biotics. So, do I believe the power of ACV fold remedy. Yes, as much as I do in healthy eating and lifestyle choices. There is so much good health in the lost art of fermentation.

I will post more on the importance of fermented foods. You may find my recipes for these ferments in our new cookbook that should be available by December. Keep a look out!!

"He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything." Proverb quote