Monday, January 9, 2012

plan your success....

I am frequently getting comments regarding my MOTIVATION to get stuff done. So, i thought I'd share with you MY way of making sure I get the important things done. I am a list person and have always been. So I am going to share with you MY list but feel free to add in and adapt it to your life, goals and availability. This isn't ALL I do but it's my priorities. Then I get to do the fun stuff and surprise my family. I've started to run these off every Sunday with the small adaptations for the next week. These aren't written in stone but it makes sure I get the cleaning done, my exercise and personal goals. Good luck and Here Goes...
___scripture study/prepare FHE (family night is on Mondays for us)
___Piano Lesson
___BYU study course
___exercise--Focus: Butt, legs & abs
___15 Min. Cardio (walking, running, biking, Zumba, jump rope, trampoline, etc)
___20 squats
___20 lunges
___20 dead lifts
___20 can-cans
___20 double legs lower/lifts
___4 sun salutations
___5 minutes meditation

___scripture study
___call Grandparents/parents to check in
___clean bathrooms
___fold and put laundry away
___exercise--Focus: Arms and chest
___15 min cardio
___Chest presses 5 lb. weight
___20 chair dips
___40 bicep curls (20 ea.)
___5 sun salutations
___5 minutes meditation

___scripture study
___Dust & clean windows
___family history
___exercise--Focus: Back and shoulders
___15 min. cardio
___25 jumping jacks w/ 1-3 lb weights
___20 lateral raises w/ 3lbs
___20 front raises
___20 shoulder presses w/ alt. leg lift
___3 sun salutations
___5 minutes meditation

___scripture study
___send a thank-you card
___ organize a space
___sewing projects
___practice Spanish
___Grocery list
___exercise--Focus: Butt, legs and abs or zumba
___15 min. cardio
___30 donkeys (15/leg)
___15 squats
___Bridge with chair counting
___40 bicycle abs
___5 sun salutations
___5 minutes meditation

___scripture study
___floors (sweep and mop kitchen vacuum house)
___Grocery shopping
___exercise--Focus: The 100 workout
___100 jumping jacks
___90 crunches
___80 squats alt wide/narrow
___70 leg lifts (pilates arc)
___60 jumping jacks
___50 bicycle abs
___40 squats att wide/narrow
___30 leg lifts
___20 jumping jacks
___10 min. cardio
___5 min meditation
___1 sun salutation

___prepare primary stuff
___prepare dinner for Sunday
___Clean for Sunday (Chore switch for kids)

___Write in journal
___ review schedule for next week with family

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